DeLonghi BC0330T specifications and review

DeLonghi BC0330T: Affordable Machine For Coffee, Espresso, Latte, and Cappuccino

DeLonghi BC0330T

The Delonghi BC0330T is among the most universal coffee makers on the market. Being a drip coffee and espresso coffee maker, it will make you latte and cappuccino as well. It was released in 2017 to be enough for the whole family. It has an average capacity that will let you fill up to 10 cups without refilling.

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The DeLonghi BC0330T combination drip coffee and espresso machine is 14.5 x 11 x 12.8 inches in size, so it won't take up much space. However, it will seem a little bit bulky in a small kitchen. But considering its multifunctionality, the machine hardly could be smaller. It is heavyweight, having a bit more than 12 pounds. Such a weight, however, speaks for the unit’s durable construction.


The DeLonghi BC0330T is a 15-bar espresso machine which means that it uses 15 bars of pressure. Having an advanced filter system, it keeps the water clean and fresh. The DeLonghi has the ability to eliminate off-flavors caused by chlorine and must be changed after 80 brewing cycles. A special filter-indicator to keep the coffee from being stale. There is also a gold-tone filter which is designed to select the best grounds out of coffee.

The BC0330T DeLonghi is equipped with a swivel jet frother that turns milk into the creamy foam for cappuccino by mixing it with steam and air. There is also the frother that you can use to heat up the milk for preparing hot chocolate, for example.

The smart programming system allows using the 24-hour digital timer to set your favorite drink to brew at any time you need: program the machine at night, and drink hot coffee right after you wake up. The cup warmer will ensure that your coffee beverage stays hot up to 2 hours. Besides, it has a non-stick surface so it’s very easy to clean.

The special Flavor Savor brewing system enhances the flavor of your coffee with just one touch of a button. The unique brewing process slowly releases water into the filter-basket, saturating coffee grounds to extract more flavor.

The pause and serve function gives you full control over the brewing process allowing you to grab your coffee before the machine is done filling up the cup when you are in a hurry or just want to get a smaller dose. A special selector dial also lets you customize the strength of your coffee drink. A steam dial lets you control the desired amount of milk.

The machine comes fully assembled so you won’t have to spend hours reading the Delonghi BC0330T manual trying to get the machine ready for work. However, you will need to wait for the machine to heat up. In my test, it took two and a half minutes before the car signaled green that it was ready for use. The machine takes about one minute to prepare coffee and espresso. By the way, you can set them for brewing simultaneously. The machine uses a standard 120V outlet and has the output power of 1500W.

Except for the Delonghi BC0330T manual and a 2-year warranty, in the package, you will also find such additional accessories as a 2-cup adapter for espresso and a measuring spoon.


The DeLonghi BC0330T coffee maker has the sides, top and rear panels made of thick black plastic. The rest of the machine is manufactured of stainless steel which ensures durability. The unit has a classic square shape.

The control panel is located on the face panel, right above the cup tray. There are 6 buttons: two on/off buttons, aroma, auto, hour, and min buttons to program the coffee brewing time. The presence of two on/off buttons is rather confusing: one serves for espresso, and the other — for drip coffee. The coffee and espresso makers also have their dedicated water bins.

Besides, all the buttons are illuminated with bright red LED light so you can use the machine in the dark. Besides, special LED lights illuminate every 15 minutes (for the first hour) informing you about how long the drink has been standing on the tray.

Above the control panel, there is an informative display. The cappuccino nozzle is located on the left side. Next to the cup tray, you will find a water tank that is also removable so you can fill and clean it with ease.

The measuring cup has a clear level indicator, so you will always be sure to brew the drinks with the right amount of water and coffee.

The handle that opens the filter drawer is located on the front of the unit and may seem a bit larger than necessary, but it gives the machine a more sturdy appearance.

The machine doesn’t try to impress you with a complex interface. Its design is simple and offers complete front access which means that you don’t have to move the machine for maintenance or activation any of its functions.

In general, most Delonghi BC0330T reviews will tell you that this machine has a modern, sleek, function-first design.


By purchasing the Delonghi BC0330T combination drip coffee and espresso machine, you save money and space in the kitchen, having one machine instead of two single-function ones. It includes almost all the basic features that a modern coffee machine should have, like two filters that ensure good-tasting coffee and purified water, a swivel jet frother which creates a cappuccino-ready milky foam, warmer cup to keep the right temperature of your drink, etc. The interface with the six-button panel and LED lights allows for simple and convenient control over the coffee making. The Aroma button appears to be a pleasant addition that you don’t expect from the budget model.

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